• Vanessa Eichholz

Welcome to my official website!

Find out more about my latest projects in film and TV such as the US blockbuster reboot “Hellboy, Rise of the Bloodqueen”, “Lost in Space” on Netflix (April 13th) and my current lifestyle endeavors!


Soon after studying in New York I started acting in international film productions with Hollywood actors such as Stacy Keach and Daryl Hannah as well as shooting commercials for companies like Schweppes.

You can see me on the Netflix show “Lost in Space” coming out on April 13th 2018, a reboot of the famous 1960s TV show and in the US blockbuster “Hellboy, Rise of the Bloodqueen” (release 2019), a project I’m very excited about!

As a proud Women in Film member I became part of the Women in Film Acting Mentorship program last year and was asked to be in the jury for the Etheria Film Night, a film festival for talented female filmmakers.


Staying healthy and active is an important part of being an actor. Personal trainer Michael Limmer and I have been working on a weekly video blog for fitness magazines and have also collaborated on the book “The Perfect Wedding Workout”, coming out in the US this December, yay!

Another project of mine is writing a book with the established author Sonia Laszlo about successfully breaking down hurdles in male dominated fields, like the entertainment industry. We talked to the Geena Davis Insitute about facts and figures and interviewed female Hollywood directors such as Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight). The book will most likely be published 2019.

Public speaking is another passion of mine. The organisation “ASAS” asked me to be one of the guest speakers about female filmmakers in Hollywood last year. This topic, obviously, is very dear to my heart.

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